Drop shipping is one of the up growing trading process on the international level. Here are some details on drop shipping and 5 pros of drop shipping business.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a trading process using the third party’s inventory. The store keeps the products it sells in stock of the manufacturer. The difference between the standard retail and drop shipping is that the merchant does not own its separate inventory or stock. Instead, he purchases inventory or stock in bulks from a third party and directs them to deliver it directly to the buyer’s place.

Drop shipping ways in Pakistan

Doing this business in Pakistan can be tricky and problematic because the websites that provide drop shipping services do not ship to Pakistan are usually limited to the US, but we use the mail forwarding method.

Mail forwarding companies have their own warehouses, factories and huge inventory hubs in the US and they ship the products to any country.

  • Shipito (www.shipito.com)
  • myUS (www.myus.com)

The major hindrance in doing this business in Pakistan is that websites which provide the platform for drop shipping do not ship to Pakistan. It’s usually limited to the US. But there’s a way out for it.

Welcome to mail forwarding. Mail forwarding companies have their warehouses in the US and ship the products to any country in the world. Some big mail forwarders are Shipito (www.shipito.com) and MyUS (www.myus.com). Using mail forwarding, shipment costs from the US can be significantly reduced. Moreover, aliexpress (www.aliexpress.com) has also drop shipping services which are usually free of cost.

Five Pros of Drop shipping business you don’t want to miss.

In this method, the merchant does not own a story or stock the products. Instead, the supplier, usually wholesaler, manufacturer factory, ships the products on the behalf of the merchant. Here are 5 pros of drop shipping business


  1. Low startup cost:

In drop shipping method the supplier, usually wholesaler, manufacturer factory, ships the products on the behalf of the merchant. You do not own any inventory, so you don’t have any inventory costs. You pay the shipping company the agreed amount after receiving the payment from the customer. Basically, you can run your business on zero credit.

               2. NO inventory management:

The supplier manages all the supplies, product stocks, and if you’re using an aggregator, all inventory is updated in real time. – (An aggregator model is a form of e-commerce in which a website does not store or warehouse its own goods, but rather collects, or aggregates, information on several goods and services and conglomerates them into a single platform).

               3. More Marketing time:

As you do not have to worry about inventory management, shipping process, etc. You get more time on your hands for marketing your product. You can use this time to develop a strong marketing strategy and execute it. You can hire a separate digital marketer to keep your presence strong online which is very important for e-store businesses.

                4. Lifetime customers:

With the ability to add new products in your inventory list consistently. You can make new customers due to products’ variety expansion and keep the existing customers engaged side by side.

               5. Expansion into new markets

You can partner with located suppliers where you can access the same products with same value and offerings and ship them quickly. This way you can validate the same products available in the market before importing. Hence, save more time and money.

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Article by

                   Abdul Wahab