There’s no denying the fact that Instagram presence is a must-have for your brand, either it is small or well established. It has become very import to have a running Instagram account as it is one of the fastest progressing and powerful ways to market your business. So here are 5 creative tips you can utilize for your brand on Instagram to grow engagement.


  1. It is important to be actively putting up catchy photos and stories for your audience. The most important tip for your brand to grow on Instagram is to keep your branding consistent within your photos, videos, and stories. Use singular pattern posts with your logo and template and no limit is there of content playground. My main point is that you can keep your stories looking very professional and neat, and distinct from the rest of the competitors.

            2. Get Audience interaction & review

Instagram stories are a great way to get customers reviews, insights and measure sentiments around your products/services. It can prove to be a nicer technique to test out your new ideas regarding product/services you’re offering. An effective way to know customer’s pieces of mind is to create a  poll or use the “ask a question” feature. This allows you to have a better understanding of what your audience likes more, and you can strategize your content for the future according to the answer you get.  

           3.  Play with content types

If you want to engage with the audience then I must suggest you post mixed content types in your stories. The recent trends to attract more audience are:

  • Give away contests
  • Poll questions
  • Other influencers take over
  • Fan-generated content feature
  • Shout outs to fans/ celebrities/ brands
  • Employee takeover
  • “How to” tips
  • Edited, customized videos
  • Collaboration videos with brands, influencers, celebrities

Variety of content keeps your audiences interest in what you have up next for them. Mixed and matched content aid in creating a good bond with your fans.

             4.  Increase the reach of your Profile

If you want your stories to reach more people across the world (right target audience) then you should use hashtags. Instagram’s hashtag feature in stories will allow people to reach your content when they search a particular content relevant to their interests, and it could be yours. It is another great way to optimize your content in hashtags’ auto lists. You can hide the hashtags behind the images, text or emoji’s blocks if you are concerned about the aesthetics of the story. You can also make the hashtag color as same as the color of the background so it blurs and mixes with it.

Moreover, you can use the “location tag” to target the specific area’s people or the people near you.  This means if a person searches for content same as yours then you can stand out most in the showed up results.

               5. Utilize Call-to-Actions (CTA)

Along with creating brand awareness and fans engagements, you should also add “call-to-the-action” buttons. It could be a voice note, video, gif or a photo linked to “call-to-the actions” buttons. It comes handy for the fans who are feeling “warm” towards your content and can be compelled to act on the call to action. For example, if you have a larger audience then you can add swipe up action to check the inventory list on your website. Or to drive them towards another website where they can find detailed usage information. It is another great way to get more clicks which ultimately grow your bank. If you have less audience then you can ask them to DM with questions and feedback, which later can be used as useful user’s reviews in stories.        

               6. Quality over Quantity

Make sure your content is relevant and intrigues the interest of the audience. There’s absolutely no use of posting irrelevant content just to fill up the feed because it can distract the followers and bore them. Focus on the quality of the content you plan to post rather than the numbers. Play with fun filters and a variety of tools to create high-quality content. Make sure you tell a story more people could relate with and would want to engage.

60 seconds long photo streams provides a great opportunity for marketers to pack in a lot of information, but avoid putting up the longer videos with too much text or dull colored picture. People tend to attract “to-the-point” and colorful content.  Mix up your feed by posting short video slides, photos and gifs collages with trendy music in the background.

               7. Post at Peak Times

Before going straight to publishing your post, you might want to do a little research on the peak time usage of Instagram in different regions and countries. Post your content depending upon particular demographics- age, locations, time, occupation and more. For example, if you’re running a motivational quotes page for entrepreneurs then you should post your content.

  • In the morning hours
  • Before going to bed.

Because most businessmen start their day by randomly scrolling their Instagram feed or before going to bed. Research the right time when your content is going to get most views and publish at those times. By doing so you there are higher chances that you will get more views and engagement. Studies have shown the long weekends are the most effective times to post videos.       

                 8. Hook them within 4 seconds

The real questions arise when you strategize your video’s content. Why should your audience watch your video in their feed when they’re numbers of other interesting things to watch? Why should they stop scrolling and like or comment on it? You must take your time to produce aesthetically appealing content which contains eye-catching visuals to grab more eyeballs and attention. Telling a story can keep them hooked to watch full video especially if your story appeals to your fans’ emotions.

You need to hook your audience within the first 3-4 second of the video. You can produce a variety of eye-catching videos through different recording techniques. Such as:

  • Time lapse
  • Reverse videos
  • Boomerang
  • Drone- footage
  • Speed shuffle photos

 Figure out what works best for your brand and its type and implement it in your posts depending upon your budget and video marketing goals. The best brand videos are relevant to the audience and compel conversations and engagements.


                        Abdul Wahab