Facebook marketing is one of the trending marketing. Here are some effective tips for video marketing on Facebook.

  1.  Upload native content

Go full native mode while publishing videos on Facebook. In simple words, upload your content videos directly to the Facebook page.

Do not re-share Videos form third-party platforms like YouTube, Video, Twitter, and Instagram. Native videos are likely to get more views because of the video display across the width of the screen. They do not require an extra click and you can customize the click bate thumbnails to get more clicks.

               2. Keep it short

Suggestion is to keep the length of your videos short under 9-40 seconds. The users on Facebook are generally browsing and scrolling the home feed randomly and the attention spans are short. Usually, most Facebook users are looking at your videos muted, so you need strong and attractive visuals to get the viewers hooked within the first couple of seconds. In the meanwhile the Facebook live has been proven a big perk to small businesses, particularly in the retail business industry, to display and showcase their game. Concentrate on the type and quality of content rather than just the camera quality. People nowadays prefer creative ideas behind the videos rather than just hi-end expensive cinematography.

          3. Play the Numbers

Studies have shown that Wednesday morning is the most popular times to watch business relevant videos on Facebook. Moreover, more than 80% of business video content is viewed on desktop computers. Use the research available online that has been done by many companies and spent millions of dollars on it.

              4. Strong Graphics work

You need to catch the eyeballs of Facebook users and stop them to see your video content while they’re scrolling and swiping down the home feed. For that purpose, you need to look eye catchier, prettier and attract their attention. Make sure you use a strong click-bate thumbnail to get more clicks (always work). There are several online graphics tool that you can use or hire an expert graphics designer for a separate full-time job. You do not want to take the graphics’ competition easy because if you do not pay attention to your graphics then you will fail to send your actual message across the right audience.  Do not forget to add the right emojis in your content or gif files. They’re a fun way to grab peoples’ attention.

             5. Call to Action

What’s the actual use of spending hours and energy in making catchy videos and not utilizing its clicks into a transferred in sales. If you have put your time into making a powerful video then you must add a call to the action features in your content as well.

Try using the links in the text content. Use google or bit.ly to shorten the lengthy links. Also, make sure you check the Facebook insights section consistently to measure which type of videos works the best for you and their performance.

              6. Educate your audience

Before you work to educate the audience, you need to educate yourself first about your target audience. Research and dig into what people actually want to see and make a compelling video to meet their needs. That way you can get more likes if you’re a priority of what they want to see. Try “instant solutions” type videos because people like to have instant results and answer their questions. Try “how -to”, “time-lapse”, “reserved” type of videos which are fun to watch yet informative.


Facebook video ads are a quite easy and very effective way of achieving your digital marketing goals as compared to any other promotional technique.

You can attract a large number of consumers to your brands by showcasing interesting videos and keep them hooked for more. Careful forethought and intelligent strategy will help you gain greater rewards for your business through video ads Facebook video ads are quite simply the most effective way of achieving your digital marketing goals compared to any other promotional medium. A little forethought and strategy will help you gain greater rewards for your brand.

Article by

                    Abdul Waahab